We strive for the survival of our unique South African culture in Australia and endeavor to expand it.

Values and Guidelines
Our values and guidelines are based on:
  • Biblical and Christian principles .
  • We are client oriented and do not serve the club and its members for any personal or business advantages.
  • We act with honesty and integrity .
  • We have no association with any political parties.
  • We are innovative and creative to serve the changing needs of our members .
  • Our business is based on professional and sound business principles.
  • We work in harmony as a team to strengthen the family unit inside the club.
  • We uphold family values and offer family-friendly activities.
  • We respect our members , the club , our community and ourselves.
  • We strive to be open, honest and timely in our communications.
  • We are bilingual, speaking both Afrikaans and English, but afrikaans remain our focus as our official language.
  • To offer and promote opportunities to practice our culture.
  • To provide assistance to new immigrants whilst integrating into our society and to bring them into contact with other networks for integration.
  • To expand our membership.
  • To provide a haven / refuge for members, through the acquisition of land and buildings where members can meet on a regular basis.
  • To be financially stable and to ensure the club's future viability.
  • To form partnerships with organizations and churches to establish and reach our goals.
  • To recognize outstanding performance, contributions and efforts by our members and their families.
  • To help and provide support where it is needed with sensitivity and respect but keeping in mind the privacy and personal wishes of out members.
  • To provide opportunities for all age groups by focusing on family fun and to create positive and unique memories that unite our people.
  • To focus on our members and the "Afrikaans" community in Australia.
  • To create a home for school-aged children and young people to create opportunities where they can socialise in a safe family environment.
  • To assist in the promotion of members' interests and businesses as part of the integration and promotion of our culture and interests.